I have loved photography since the Christmas I was in fourth grade, when my parents gave me a Kodak Instamatic 126. My dolls and action figures were my first clients, and kept my schedule full of high profile fashion shoots. After getting too much lip from a certain Starship Captain, I walked off set and sat down at my parent's table to enjoy a bowl of cereal and contemplate my next move. That five minutes of Snap! Crackle! Pop! must've been telling me something, because now I spend my days cavorting with a different kind of tart.

Creating images is my passion as well as my profession. When I'm not behind the lens for work, I make time for pursuing my own conceptual, sometimes quirky themes. And when I need a break from creating images, I love exploring history and mythology, biking, traveling, and dancing to '80s Brit Pop!

Oh...I still own that Kodak 126. As for that saucy Starship Captain, I'm not sure what became of him....

photo by Colin Kopp